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IR emitter (single)
USD 4.75
IR emitter with 3,5mm male mono jack connector and IR emitter housing (8 x 5 x 13mm) with transparent adhesive, connected with a 3m flexible cable. Built in 15 Ohm series resistor for protection against non-limited emitter outputs.
Bag contains 1 extra piece of adhesive.
Pinout: Positive tip and negative sleeve, compatible with most IR distribution network/connection blocks.

IR LED technical specifications: Vforward: 1.3Vdc (typ.), Imax: 100mA (cont.) - 1A (pulse), wavelength: 940nm (50% intensity at +/- 50nm).

(Please note that an external powersource (DC adaptor or USB cable) is needed when using an external IR emitter with RE·BL.)
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