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June 2, 2010
Software Development Kit for making advanced scripting and automation solutions.

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  Developer forum
For discussion of RE·BL automation and scripting.
Developing 3rd party solutions
This page will give you, as a 3rd party software developer, a starting point for developing solutions with the RE·BL.

We offer our support to get your project working, either by mail or preferably through the developer forum.

We would ofcourse like to hear about any ongoing projects, and we're also willing to make hardware freely available for serious developers.

Basics - DLL/COM object
Developing automation solution based on the RE·BL is relatively simple using the ActiveX COM-object provided in the RE·BL API. Unzip the 2 DLL files to a folder, and register the DLL using the batch file (register.bat).

A simple demo-script is included written in VBscript, but any API or scripting language or even a webpage can be used as long as it can open an ActiveX COM-object.

Basics - WinREBL_PS3Remote
Can be used for very easy control of a PS3 using a Windows based PC. Use the GUI or commandline options to transmit commands using the RE·BL.
For a complete list of commands see the list in the GUI.

Usage examples:
WinREBL_PS3Remote.exe -play
WinREBL_PS3Remote.exe -pause
WinREBL_PS3Remote.exe -up -left -play
WinREBL_PS3Remote.exe -stop

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